Welcome to

TRP Forestry Consultants Inc.

We provide a wide range of forestry services and we have specialized in woodlot management.

Our services include:

  • Planning
    • writing and maintaining Woodlot Management Plans (MP) and Woodlot Licence Plans (WLP)
    • applying for exemptions from cut control to deal with catastrophic events (Mountain Pine Beetle, large windthrow areas etc)
    • conducting re-inventory work on woodlots
    • applying for Cutting Permits (CP) and Road Permits (RP), including applying for the new "One CP" cutting permits
  • Development
    • layout and planning of cutblocks and roads for ground based harvesting methods as well as cable harvesting systems
    • pest monitoring programs (bark beetles, root rots, windthrow areas etc) and mitigation strategies
    • compiling waste surveys and entering into WASTE
  • Silviculture
    • Site Plan (SP) preparation for logging areas
    • planning and purchasing of seed for seedlings using SPAR
    • planning and purchasing seedlings for planting
    • planting supervision and monitoring
    • surveying and monitoring silvicultural obligations
  • Mapping
    • GPS mapping of new and existing cutblocks
    • GIS mapping and analysis
    • RESULTS block entry and updating